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Point Out the Word/Phrases That Are Used to Express Agreement and Disagreement in the Text Brainly

The use of words and phrases to express agreement and disagreement is common in texts, especially those that are argumentative or persuasive in nature. As a professional, it is important to identify and point out these words and phrases to enhance the clarity and impact of the text.

Words and Phrases Used to Express Agreement

1. Indeed – This is an absolute agreement that can be used to emphasize a point.

Example: “Indeed, the research findings clearly show that climate change is real.”

2. Absolutely – This is a strong agreement that emphasizes the certainty of a statement.

Example: “I absolutely agree with the author`s argument that gun control is necessary.”

3. Certainly – This phrase expresses a definite agreement.

Example: “Certainly, the statistics presented in this report indicate that the company has improved its profits.”

4. Of course – This phrase is used to express agreement that is expected.

Example: “Of course, the benefits of renewable energy sources are numerous and widely known.”

Words and Phrases Used to Express Disagreement

1. However – This word is used to show a contrast or a deviation from a previous statement.

Example: “The study shows that the new drug is effective. However, there are still potential side effects that need to be considered.”

2. On the other hand – This phrase is used to present a contrasting viewpoint or evidence.

Example: “The author argues that technology improves communication. On the other hand, studies show that it can also lead to social isolation.”

3. Nonetheless – This word is used to show that despite recognizing the validity of a point, there is still disagreement.

Example: “The company has made progress in reducing carbon emissions. Nonetheless, the current levels are still too high.”

4. Whereas – This word is used to contrast two different situations or opinions.

Example: “The company has reduced its carbon emissions by 20% in the last year, whereas other companies in the industry have only achieved a 5% reduction.”

In conclusion, identifying and pointing out the words and phrases used to express agreement and disagreement in a text is important for enhancing its clarity and impact. As a professional, understanding and utilizing these words and phrases can contribute to the effectiveness of the content and can improve its ranking on search engines.